Pickles, Mushrooms, and More


The last post I wrote had a lot of feelings. My friend Erin posted an article that basically says what I wanted, but is much clearer and better written. The article,  The Supreme Court’s Lonely Heart’s Club, is by Michael Cobb (an English professor…I have so many arguments for the Humanities right now). A brief excerpt, before I move back into the territory of VEGETABLES which is way more fun to write about:

“Marriage equality activists could have pursued a different agenda — challenging the need for sexual scrutiny by the state, and the constellation of benefits that belong to marriage — but they didn’t. Instead of dreaming up new forms of governance, they asked to be ruled by the ones that already exist.

And so old questions remain: Why can’t I put a good friend on my health care plan? Why can’t my neighbor and I file our taxes together so we could save some money, as my parents do? If I failed to make a will, why is it unlikely a dear friend would inherit my estate?

The answers to all these questions are the same: It’s because I’m not having sex with those people. (To make matters worse, that also means we probably didn’t have children together.) For the only thing that truly distinguishes romance and marriage from other loving intimacies like friendships, other familial relationships and close business partnerships is that sex is (or once was) part of the picture.

So yes, marriage equality erases an odious and invidious distinction among straight and us not-straight citizens for which I’m truly glad and which I celebrate. And it’ll make lots of people’s lives better. But it also leaves unexamined the reason sex seems to give you benefits and recognition — and why it orders the world and civilization.”


I got another Boston Organics box today, and wanted to write a little bit about what I have been doing with my vegetables. With these beautiful crimini mushrooms, I made a mushroom gravy! (And also biscuits, and smashed potatoes :D)


Miracle Mushroom Gravy, from The Southern Vegetarian cookbook, by the Chubby Vegetarian  (that Melissa game to me for my birthday a few years ago).


Verdict: It was not bad. It didn’t necessarily taste like sausage gravy, but it had some nice flavors. The recipe called for sage, and I added it even though I know I don’t really like a lot of sage. If I make it again (which I might, because Judy really liked it), I will probably put less sage in it, and perhaps add a few other kinds of spices to make it more gravy-tasting. Overall, though, good meal!

I also made a homemade mac and cheese and put broccoli in it, and quinoa black bean tacos and used the green bell pepper and avocado from my box of vegetables. Overall, it was a good use of what I got in the Boston Organics box.

As I said before, I just got a new full box of veggies that includes:

– Gala apples

– 1 avocado

– A bunch of bananas

– 1 green bell pepper

– A large bunch of broccoli

– 5 pickling cucumbers

– Garlic Scapes (whaaatttt)

– Mint leaves

– Nectarines

– Anjou Pears

– 2 Zucchini

– A large heard of Escarole

I am brainstorming ideas for Garlic Scapes, which are the top shoots of the garlic bulb. Since I got pickling cucumbers, I decided to immediately  quick pickle them. I couldn’t resist!!



I still had an entire bunch of radishes as well, so I thought I would try pickling them – I saw a recipe for quick pickled radishes last summer, and never got around to making them. I combined that recipe with one from Smitten Kitchen that gave me a nice vinegar base to work with.



For the radish pickles, I threw in a jalapeno pepper, lots of mustard seeds, and lots of fresh dill from my flourishing dill plant in the back yard.


Arren’t they just gorgeous? A little Christmas-y, perhaps, but I’m loving in. For the cucumber pickles, I kept the dill and mustard seeds, and instead of the jalapeno, added some red pepper flakes and a large garlic clove. 20150701_140100

They look great in my fridge. Here’s hoping they taste great too!

– Bryn


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