Fall Gardening in Somerville


I picked the last four cucumbers from my vines today. The vines were mostly drying up – it is September after all – so I pulled them up to plant more seasonally appropriate vegetables. It was still sad to end their run; there were little buds on the vines that could have, maybe, pulled through if I left them up. Thinking about the history of those plants, though, they probably would have just curled up into little poop-shaped cucumbers and that would be that (see above).

So I pulled them up. I hadn’t realized how long they had gotten, and when I laid them down on the ground I was rather astonished!


What long vines! And the ends were still fairly good-looking. Well done, strange cucumber plants. On to new ventures.*

*I actually left up one of the small plants, because it still had cucumbers on it…I just couldn’t get rid of all of them at once!

The new vegetables I planted today are: Brussels Sprouts, Swiss Chard, and Broccoli Raab. As in the summer, my only real hope and goal is to have the plants produce at least one thing that I can eat. (P.S. I finally ate my summer kale! I was proud to put it on my pizza).


Brussels sprouts! Where the cucumbers were before.


Broccoli Raab, in the failed zucchini containers. Let’s hope they these don’t go the same way!


Chard – yellow stems! I actually found this large pot in the back yard and I think it will work well.

chard raab

Plant cluster.



This afternoon I plan on pickling one last batch of cucumbers to hold on to a little more of summer. But, I also pulled out the crock pot because it’s wonderfully cool today – one of the first days in the 60s, with a lovely fall chill. I will always mourn the official end of summer, but I’m ready for this beautiful season. Keep your fingers crossed for these little plants!

– Bryn


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